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Publish Your Students' Work!!

Dear Educator,
I am a retired teacher and social worker who turned to writing and
publishing two years ago. My hobby is publishing the writings of others, in
anthologies, called VOICES through my company Bubbie Publishing.
The next volume, TEEN VOICES is devoted to writers age 12 to 20.
There are two different options. Individual students could submit to
the generic TEEN VOICES book or a WHOLE BOOK could be devoted to a
single class. This is a chance for every student to participate and shine.
This is not only for the outstanding students, but also for the less
motivated who might work harder to see his/her work in print.
Bubbie Publisihing’s acceptance of materials for TEEN VOICES is
not based on subject matter, nor quality of work, but rather on English
accuracy, originality and the writer’s commitment to getting it submitted

As a teacher, consider this an unusual opportunity for every student
to be stimulated by literary creation.

There is no cost, no obligation and no compensation for
inclusion. It is my hobby. I do all the work of coordinating the book and
having it published. There is no obligation to buy anything.

TEEN VOICES will be printed when I have enough submissions for
a book of about 250 pages.

Please check out my website: and let me know if
TEEN VOICES interests you.

Writers over 19 are also welcome for the traditional VOICES
volumes, so if you, or any of your acquaintances write and want to be
included, spread the word.

Please share this message with your colleagues so as many kids as
possible can hear about this opportunity. If it is possible to put it in the
school’s bulletin, or e-blasts, that would also help let others know.
If the idea of having a whole book for your class excites you, contact
me ASAP, so we can get started with the details.